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Yet another 360pc
« on: February 10, 2012, 04:12:52 PM »
Yeah so I'm aware lots of people have done this before me but I recently found a reason to resurrect my own "360pc" project (need parallel port, main PC has no more PCI slots).

Initially it was going to contain a 15" display in the upper case half (where the 80mm fan is now) but unfortunately that cracked right in the middle when I moved last year.

So anyway, here it is, a triumph of free spirited german engineering; main ingredient is hot glue; I didn't feel like wasting too much time on this (and it shows, but I don't care).

All cuts were done with a cutter knife that I heated up with a lighter; built during the night so no Dremel.

I might paint it some day as it does look pretty $#!tty but definitely not as long as it's -10C outside.

Components that I had lying around:
- Ugly old Xbox case
- Mobo & CPU Intel D945GCLF2 Mini-ITX
- PSU Delta Electronics DPS-125DB A Rev. 00 (125W) (bought new for 4, unfortunately sold out now... you could also try the 85W version, the SEASONIC SS-200SFD or the HIPRO HP-K1517F5 for <10/$)
- RAM 2GB Kingston
- HDD WD 120GB from an old Xbox
- Ancient 80mm fan (PSU is built sandwich style in its original casing, would overheat without additional fan in Xbox case)
- USB header connector for 2x front USB
- 20 to 24 pin ATX power adaptor (turns out I could leave that out, board works fine with only 20 pins too)
- 5.25" molex power to 4 pin P4 power adaptor
- $#!tty smart phone to take $#!tty pics with

Power button and front USB work as expected, connect button is now reset button; laptop DVD burner lying around but missing adaptor, would easily fit.

Might use MMC slots to make external SATA and power connectors.

Runs fine with XPSP3, no display/HIDs connected, controlled via VNC (after re-installing XP).

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