Author Topic: Call of duty 4 / unplayable disc/ benQ vad6380 drive. / drive fried.  (Read 982 times)


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Hi guys, I have an xbox 360 with a Benq dvd rom drive. I put in Cal Of Duty 4, and it said un playable disc, anyhow I got another copy and again it said un playable disc. Anyhow, xbox told me my warranty is past by just a few days yeah!

So I decided to open up my xbox 360 and lok if I can fix the problem myelf. I  found that basically I have to modify the strength of teh laser by turning a know (the laser potentiator) a little to teh left. I tried tweaking it but I believe I may have broken my laser.
Do I have to replace the laser head or the whole Benq drive?

BTW the disc still spins but it always says open tray no matter what I do .



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just the laser. and yes, tweaking without a multimeter will almost always kill a drive.
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