Author Topic: Lite-On key retreival  (Read 970 times)


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Lite-On key retreival
« on: April 30, 2009, 08:15:24 AM »
Hi all... small problem and wondered if anyone could give an answer.

ok i use the common Sata pci card and the conectivity kit 3 pro with probe and never had problems getting a key from drive until now however-i can using Dosflas32 but the problem here is that i have to use jungleflasher to rebuild the dummy file etc.??
Just to make clear i have ONLY ever used jungleflasher for all my needs as this seems to be the best option for most but wondering as the team upgraded there program wether something wasnt working right in my case???? I dont have any other problems where other drives are concerned. I thought it may have been the probe not working but like i said i can use Dosflash32. Any info would be great. Thanks